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Do you ever wonder if it’s best to wear a mouthguard while you are active? Well, our All Family Dental team thinks that it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you feel as though your sport or hobby could harm your oral health in any way, please wear a mouthguard. We also recommend wearing a mouthguard if you participate in any of the following activities:

Yes, bicycling can definitely harm your smile, no matter which kind of biker you are. As you ride, there could be a bump or rock in the road or trail that will stop your bike and send you flying in the air. If you hit the ground face first, your teeth could be greatly damaged, which is why a mouthguard is recommended.

Skateboarding is another hobby that is dangerous for your smile. No matter how talented you are at the sport, there is still a chance that something can stop your board’s wheels and send you flying to the ground. If you wear a mouthguard, your teeth and jaw will be protected from the cement.

Generally, the spiking in volleyball is what threatens your smile the most. If someone spikes the ball right at your mouth, the force could knock your teeth and jaw right out of place. This is why wearing a mouthguard is recommended while you play.

The baseball and softball are additional sports balls that could severely damage your chompers. There is a chance that the ball could be hit, pitched, or thrown at your face at any time of the game. It is especially common when you are up to bat and the pitcher accidentally misthrows the ball. So, the only way you can protect your oral health is with a mouthguard.

Even though surfing doesn’t necessarily involve any people or sports balls, the surfboard and ocean ground can still alter your oral health. If you crash, the board could hit your mouth or you could slam your teeth against the ocean rocks. This is when a mouthguard would be very beneficial.

Staying active is a great way to stay in shape and free your mind of worries. However, it can be extremely dangerous for your smile as well. So, if you see a threat to your smile while you are active, please feel free to wear a mouthguard. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about mouthguards in Oakdale, Minnesota, please call 651.222.9715 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Timm. Your dentist is more than happy to help you!