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If your teeth have any sort of decay, cracks, or chips, you may not be aware of all your restoration options. You don’t want to deal with less-than-functional teeth for longer than you have to, as it’ll affect your oral health, ability to eat, and even talk.

So our team here at All Family Dental in Oakdale, Minnesota, recommends you look into getting dental crowns.

What are they?

Crowns are exactly what they sound like – a crown for your tooth. What they do is restore the biting surface of a tooth that’s been compromised due to cavities, tooth decay, or an infection.

How do they work?

Crowns are custom-built to fit in your mouth, and match the size, shape, and color of the rest of the teeth in your mouth. You’ll have to have a mold taken of your teeth first, from which a crown will be made. Then, once the crown is finished, it’ll be cemented into place over the damaged tooth.

Do they last?

Crowns have a reputation for longevity so long as you’re willing to keep up a good oral hygiene routine. Regular brushing, flossing, and use of mouthwash will ensure your crown doesn’t go anywhere.

If you have any sort of tooth decay or problems, then call us today at 651.222.9715 to see what Dr. Richard Timm can do for you.