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Do you store and maintain your toothbrush effectively? Did you know that if your toothbrush is not clean, it can actually make your oral health care worse, due to the introduction of more bacteria into your mouth? As with all dental cleaning products, be sure to use them safely and effectively so they can continue doing the tasks for which they are assigned.

The first step in keeping a clean toothbrush begins with your storage methods. If you are storing it incorrectly or in the wrong place, it can become contaminated. Always store your brush in a well-ventilated area with it standing upright. Do not let the brush head come into contact with other objects, even other brush heads. Never share your toothbrush with anyone.

If your toothbrush is over 3-4 months old, it may need to be replaced. Check the bristles to ensure they are still fully loaded and capable of a good clean. When choosing a toothbrush, look for one that has soft bristles and is recommended by your dentist. Also look for cleaning products that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance to ensure it has been clinically tested and proven to be both extremely safe and effective.

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