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Having a beautiful smile and straight teeth is about more than just liking your reflection in the mirror. The benefits to a properly aligned bite and straight teeth also include a lifetime of healthy gums and easier cleaning, especially through the benefits of Invisalign. All Family Dental strives to provide the best service for our patients.

While that is compelling enough to get anyone interested in considering the value of corrective orthodontia, sometimes it the pleasing look of a nice smile that teens and adults alike strive for which becomes the deciding factor in pursuing treatment.

Invisalign aligners were designed to straighten teeth without being noticed. The aligners are clear and can be worn unbeknownst to anyone else. Patients may wear their aligners while they sleep, but also while they play sports, go to school and socialize.

What sets Invisalign aligners apart from traditional braces is their removability. Patients may remove their aligners to brush their teeth, floss and gargle mouthwash, aiding in thorough dental care.

Teens especially appreciate the freedom of being able to remove their aligners at meal times so that they do not have any restrictions from chewing gum, eating sticky foods or biting into hard foods like apples. Another important possibility to consider for teens is the way Invisalign aligners work. Aligners are typically changed every week or so to gradually move the teeth into position, but frequent office visits aren’t necessary as with braces treatments. This is good news for teens with busy schedules.

Lastly, Invisalign aligner treatment plans are generally shorter than braces treatment plans, and this is a win-win for teens and adults.

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