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Salvaging smiles with water flossers is the perfect treatment for individuals who find difficulty through the use of traditional dental thread. With water flossers, it is still important to floss every day and make sure every area around and between each tooth is hit. For more details about what water flossers can do for you, see below:

– Water flossers are a revolutionary form of interdental cleaner designed to safely clean between teeth. Water flossers do not use traditional thread for cleaning between teeth, but rather they use water to shoot away debris and plaque buildup.

– Water flossers can reach areas that dental floss cannot when a previous dental procedure hinders its path. This includes dental bridges and crowns, orthodontic aligners, and dentures.

– Water flosser products can vary between brands, so look for those products that feature the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance. The seal ensures the product will be safe to use and will function at a level deemed effective.

– Water flossers are designed to be easier to operate than traditional dental floss would be for those who struggle with joint and muscle ailments due to disorders or old age.

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