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Are you aware of baby bottle tooth decay? Even though it is simply tooth decay in children, it is aptly named this because of the occurrence of baby bottles in the creation of oral health failure in children, which is so often linked to sugary products and drinks used in baby bottles.

If you want to share utensils or other instruments with your child, never give them to your child if they have been in your mouth until they are cleaned. Otherwise, it can lead to contamination and even expose you child to additional bacteria. Furthermore, any drinks that you prepare for your child’s bottle should be sugar-free. Sugar water, sports drinks, and juice can all do harm to your child’s teeth.

As soon as the first tooth appears above a child’s gum line, it is vulnerable to decay. Guarding your child’s teeth includes brushing them every single day. Furthermore, make sure your child’s mouth stays clean and safe from contamination and harmful products. Also, be sure that your child never falls asleep with the bottle in their mouth, as this can allow any liquid present more time to damage your child’s precious teeth.

Always make time in your child’s life to visit their pediatrician at All Family Dental for baby bottle tooth decay, and if necessary, to book an appointment with Dr. Richard Timm for a detailed exam of their oral health. You can reach our pediatric office in Oakdale, Minnesota, by calling us at 651.222.9715. We look forward to seeing your child smile.