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If you have chipped a tooth, you’re probably worried about having an oddly shaped and unhealthy tooth for a lifetime. Well, this shouldn’t be your worry at all, because your dentist, Dr. Richard Timm, has the treatments you need to restore the health, function, and beauty of your tooth. To tell you a little more about the treatments, our dental team is happy to share some details.

When it comes to treating a small chip, your dentist will likely smooth any rough surfaces of the tooth enamel and polish it. This can help reshape the tooth, disguise the chip, and boost the tooth’s appearance, making it look like nothing happened in the first place.

When you have a medium chip, your dentist will probably restore the tooth with a dental filling or dental crown. These restorations can repair the tooth and return it to its normal appearance and function. They can also protect the inner layers of the tooth from irritation and infection.

When it comes to treating a large chip that exposes the nerve, your dentist might need to repair the tooth with a root canal treatment. This can remove the damaged nerve and restore the health and function of the tooth. After the root canal, they will protect the tooth with a dental crown.

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