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Thanks to advanced dental technology and the introduction of CEREC technology, we can now offer same-day dental crowns. We use computer-assisted technology to design your crown based on a dental impression directly customize it to your specific needs. The best part is that the full process can be completed in a single day! Below, we have provided some of the benefits of receiving CEREC same-day dental crowns:

– Since CEREC technology can create dental crowns in a single visit, you don’t need to bother with temporary crowns, which are often uncomfortable and unstable due to their lack of customization.
– CEREC technology can be used for more than dental crowns, creating porcelain dental fillings whose design can often make them more durable than original composite fillings.
– Dental restorations are milled on-site to ensure a precise cut for a flawless final product.
– The durability of CEREC crowns helps them last for over a decade.

Taking proper care of CEREC crowns allows them to protect your teeth for many years. For more information about CEREC dental crowns in Oakdale, Minnesota, and to schedule a visit with Dr. Richard Timm, call 651.222.9715 today. Our dentist and team would love to see you at All Family Dental soon!