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If you’re a baseball player getting ready for the upcoming season, then you are probably working on improving your game. Well, you should probably also be thinking about ways to protect your smile this season. If you’re not careful, your teeth and gums can be in danger, and you deserve a top-notch oral health. So, our dentists, Dr. Richard Timm and Dr. Kevin Anderson, encourage you to care for and protect your smile this baseball season by doing the following things:

-Don’t chew tobacco: Tobacco is very dangerous for the smile, oral health, and entire health. This is because it can cause discolored teeth, bad breath, periodontal disease, tooth and root decay, as well as oral cancer. It’s best to avoid chewing tobacco altogether.

-Don’t chew sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds might seem harmless, but they can apply undue pressure to the teeth. As you crack the shells, the pressure can wear down the tooth enamel and even cause tooth cracks. It’s best to chew seeds that don’t have shells.

-Wear a mouthguard: A mouthguard is a handy appliance that can protect your smile when the ball or another hard object hits your mouth during the game. This can help you prevent oral injuries like knocked-out teeth, chipped teeth, and more.

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