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If you want your baby to have the strong, healthy and top-notch smile they deserve, then you need to help them prevent dental problems. You can do so by making smile care a top priority! Unfortunately, there are many dental issues that can threaten your baby’s smile. Our dentists, Dr. Richard Timm and Dr. Kevin Anderson, would like to help you know more about those dental issues so you can help your baby prevent them. Those problems are:

-Baby bottle tooth decay: This dental issue involves a mouth full of cavities, and cavities are not fun! It oftentimes occurs when your baby’s teeth are exposed to sugar for a long period of time, like when you send your baby to bed with a bottle. Please avoid putting your baby to sleep with a bottle, and make sure to clean their teeth and gums regularly!

-Tooth misalignment: Sucking the thumb, using a pacifier and other oral fixation habits can cause tooth misalignment, which can be dangerous for the smile and oral health. So, it’s best to help your child avoid these habits as much as possible. For tips on how to do so, please ask our dentist.

-Oral injuries: When kids are active, they oftentimes trip and fall. Sometimes the fall can involve hitting the mouth on something hard and causing an oral injury. If possible, baby-proof the house and try to avoid those mouth-damaging spills. If they do happen to suffer an oral injury, make sure to bring them into our office as soon as possible.

Call All Family Dental today at 651.222.9715 if you have any questions or if you would like to know more. Our dental team will be happy to tell you all about child smile care in Oakdale, Minnesota. We look forward to hearing from and helping you!