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The shade and color of your teeth can make a lasting impression when you meet someone or smile. That is why people are taking their teeth more seriously now than ever before. In fact, it is known that your smile stays a lot about you, making it often the first thing people notice when they see you or meet you for the first time.

Our dentist, Dr. Richard Timm, can help you with your oral health needs and concerns. Furthermore, our team at All Family Dental in Oakdale, Minnesota, is thrilled to share with you some of the common foods and drinks that stain your teeth.

Here is a list of a few items that can stain or discolor your teeth:

– Coffee and tea: Coffee is known to tint your teeth because of the potency of the beans and how often it is consumed. Still, teas can also stain your teeth as well. White tea can also yield yellowing effects causing your teeth to discolor and stain.
– Red and white wine: Most people realize red wine’s dark colors can stain or discolor your teeth. However, the high acidities in both color wines can create deep staining problems. White wine is much higher in acidity ranking, which can cause severe discoloration and damage to your teeth, more than red wine can.
– Curry: A favorite spice among many called curry is known to cling to your teeth and cause a yellowish hue that stains your teeth.
– Sodas: Sodas are high in sugar which is identified to injure your teeth. Still, the color dyes used to create them combined with their acid ranking causes natural damage to the health and color of your teeth.
– Sports drinks and sodas: Sports drinks are tremendously high in acidic ranking and contains dyes that can darken and damage your teeth. Sugarless sports drinks can cause your teeth to become discolored because of the high acids and dyes used to make them.

If you try to eliminate the foods that are dangerous to your teeth and gums, you could be helping to keep your oral health in excellent condition. If you would like to see a professional dentist, or if you have questions about your oral health, please call us today at 651.222.9715 to make an appointment.