A Partial Denture Can Help Replace Basic Oral Function After Tooth Loss

Losing multiple teeth in any part of your mouth can lead to a bevy of potential complications. Depending on the location of the original teeth, you could suffer significant cosmetic degradation of your smile, changes in your speech, and significant impairment in your ability to chew food. Fortunately, Dr. and the dental restoration specialists at… Read more »

Chewing Gum: A Daily Defense Against Cavities

You may have heard that chewing gum is beneficial for your teeth, but do you know why? Studies performed by dental professionals have shown that chewing sugar-free gum helps prevent cavities, and our team at can tell you why. Chewing gum boosts the production of saliva, which is the body’s natural way of fighting tooth… Read more »

A Dental Crown Might Be Necessary to Treat a Tooth That Has Lost a Dental Filling

Dental fillings are generally bonded to the surrounding tooth enamel or cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive. As the years go by the strong relationship between the two substances can start to weaken. This process can be accelerated by poor oral hygiene practices that affect the general health of your tooth enamel. If… Read more »

The Three Treatments Your Dentist Uses to Treat a Chipped Tooth

If you have chipped a tooth, you’re probably worried about having an oddly shaped and unhealthy tooth for a lifetime. Well, this shouldn’t be your worry at all, because your dentist, Dr. , has the treatments you need to restore the health, function, and beauty of your tooth. To tell you a little more about… Read more »

Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Sedation Dentistry

Did you know there is a highly effective oral health care treatment designed to help deal with stress and anxiety that comes with visiting your dentist? If you suffer from any form of dental anxiety in which you are stressed or afraid of visiting your dentist office, sedation dentistry can help you. Not only is… Read more »

What is CEREC®?

Your dentist, Dr. , is proud to utilize top-of-the-line dental technology to help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve. One high-tech piece of equipment uses is CEREC®, which is a machine that can create a perfect dental crown just for you. CEREC can help you have a simple, easy, and convenient dental… Read more »

How to Deal with a Tongue Injury

Trauma to the tongue is quite common. It can occur when we’re talking, eating, and even playing sports without a mouthguard. Although it’s common, it’s also quite inconvenient. So, to help you deal with a bitten or injured tongue, our dentist, Dr. , has a few tips to share. First, rinse your mouth. It’s best… Read more »

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and Its Effect on Your Pediatric Health

Are you aware of baby bottle tooth decay? Even though it is simply tooth decay in children, it is aptly named this because of the occurrence of baby bottles in the creation of oral health failure in children, which is so often linked to sugary products and drinks used in baby bottles. If you want… Read more »

Explore Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a terrific option for improving the health of your teeth and mouth. Lasers can correct flaws in your smile and clean your teeth on a microscopic level. For more information about laser dentistry, see below: – Lasers can make teeth whiter and brighter when used as a light source to activate gels… Read more »

Keep Your Mouthguard Clean Between Games and Practices

When it comes to sports such as football or hockey, we expect that athletes will wear mouthguards. It’s almost a given since those sports involve the players colliding with one another, and hockey and football are considered high-impact sports. However, if you or your child play a sport in which there is a chance of… Read more »