Patients who visit All Family Dental appreciate our warm, personable environment where we offer high-tech dentistry with skilled, technology-driven care. Read some of the reviews below to see how patients appreciate and respect Dr. Timm and Dr. Anderson, two dentists in Oakdale, Minnesota, who really value your personal oral health and protect it with comprehensive care. We welcome you to call us today if you want to schedule your next appointment. We are eager to improve your smile!

I enjoy coming here, I know that you care about my teeth and work hard to keep them in good order.
Kathleen B.

Dr. Timm has hands like an angel! And he listened to me when I said “Ow”
Thank you all !
Becky D.

They did such a wonderful job at keeping me comfortable, during a root canal, I fell asleep in the chair while they were working hard.

Excellent as always!
Outstanding individual care
Thank You
Ruth V.

Your friends at All Family Dental are here to make you all look good. They are all very accommodating and very professional, even funny at times! Always make a person feel very welcome and comfortable at the same time!
Sis V.

Excellent. Very kind wonderful staff. As much as I don’t like going to the dentist I love coming here. I always know that Dr. Timm will take the best care of all my dental needs. I am very lucky to have found this dental practice many years ago.
Mary J.

I just wanted to express the appreciation I have for everyone who works here. ever one is very (customer) patient orientated. It speaks volumes. This is why I choose to drive 30 minutes vs 2 minutes to a dentist in Blaine who offers my company a discount. Keep up the excellent work.
Nicole N.

Dr. Timm and his team are the best! All Family Dental has excellent care and customer service. The cleanings and procedures are painless and professional. I get the impression Dr. Timm stays up to date on the latest and greatest in dentistry. I had been to other dentists, but wasn’t pleased so I was driving from Iowa back to All Family Dental!
Thanks so much Dr. Timm.
Elaine S.

I love coming to All Family Dental! Everyone is so welcoming and caring I have always had such wonderful service. No other dental practice competes. I will always return to Dr. Tim whose given me such a wonderful and healthy smile.
Thank you all
Samantha S.

Wonderful work. Appreciate the same day appointment. Dr. Anderson and Ashley were very nice and explained everything.
Thank you
Tom T.

Allow me to take a moment for your time to thank you. – Joe
The craftsmanship of the dental work you did for me/us (my wife is so please) is beyond description. My other family members were astounded to see me smile and have teeth, but, not just teeth – EXCELLENT teeth. A person expects at least that much from a dentist of your caliber, however, the patience. Care and concern you afforded to me as a person, as well as the attention to detail, and consistent ability to attempt to understand ‘me’ as an individual remain, to me, above and beyond the price of the workmanship you provided. Please express my sincere gratitude to your entire staff, who, never failed in their kindness and caring in greeting me with a smile on their face when there was only a scowl on my mine. In a word of menu options that are constantly changing, its a blessing to have some good ole fashion Super #1 Costumer Service.
Sincerely yours,
Joe J.

I want to “Thank You” for restoring my smile. – Sherry
You did an amazing job! Everyone has been giving me so many compliments and its all owed to you! I can’t thank you enough. You are truly the most wonderful dentist and the best! Thanks again Dr. Timm and everyone!
Your patient and friend,
Sherry G.

I have been chewing and smiling a lot! – Kabba

Dear Dr. Timm.
I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I would like to start this letter by expressing my warmest appreciations for your great humanitarian service in the treating of my tooth. Since I left your office on Tuesday, November 26, 2013, I have been chewing and smiling a lot! I have been smiling and telling everyone I meet about the healing of my toothache. I really appreciate the service you offered me. Once again, I would like to say a very big thanks to you, your entire staff and family. May God continue to greatly bless, protect and provide for you in all your under takings in like at home, at play and at work.

I will recommend you to all my family and friends… – Denise

Dr. Timm,
I am so pleased with the way you handled my root canal and made the final product look as if “nothing happened”. I will (and have) recommend you to my family and friends.
Thank you,

I am glad I took his advice… – Timm
When I was young, dentistry was not what it is today. If there was a problem with a tooth, it was pulled. At age 10 I was in a sledding accident and broke several teeth which they removed at that time due to lack of knowledge. I had lost several teeth and this caused my other teeth to drift apart and I had spaces where food would get stuck. To replace some missing teeth, I had a removable partial that didn’t fit the way it used to. My denture was also causing a lot of early wear of my remaining teeth making my smile look old. I met Dr. Timm and he helped me get the treatment I needed. Truth be told, I really didn’t want to do all the things he suggested, but Dr. Timm explained why it was so important to have the right care to get the best results modern dentistry has to offer. I am glad I took his advice! Dr. Timm coordinated all the care with three other dental specialists so I could have the sime and chewing that I wanted. I now have replaced my partial denture with bridges on dental implants and have a great smile.
Thanks Dr. Timm!

I kept putting it off… – Roxanne
I was very unhappy about my teeth and very embarrased to smile. I just kept putting this off for years, thinking I would rather spend the money on something else. Finally I decided to get them fixed. I wanted someone I knew I trusted. I went back to Dr. Rick Timm. I hadn’t gone to see him for awhile because I kept procrastinating to get them fixed. He did a great job. I wish I did this a long time ago. I couldn’t be happier. People ask me how I keep my teeth so white and they look very nice. How do I do it? I say, “I have a great dentist.”

Changed my life for the better… – Gene
Before coming to Dr. Timm, my smile was less than adequate. I had a partial denture that I had received in the military and was constantly having problems with it. Dr. Timm assured me he would make my smile 100% better and he was right. The procedure was excellent and Dr. Timm made sure that everything was just right. I cannot even put into words the confidence Dr. Timm has given me with my new smile. Dr. Timm has changed my life for the better.