At All Family Dental, Dr. Kevin Anderson and Dr. Richard Timm may recommend a cone beam CT scan (CAT Scan) in certain patient cases. Dental Planmeca CAT scans are very useful in diagnosis and planning many dental procedures. Whereas traditional X-rays give a 2D image, a CAT scan yields a 3D image, allowing us to see a better representation of your teeth, soft tissues and nerves, as well as bone and other hard tissue. Having these images often aids us in treating jaw joint issues and dental infections, as well as helping us to plan dental implant cases and other complex surgical procedures. Come in today for an exam and to start planning ways to improve your dental health.

Our modern dental cone beam CT machines, like the one found at our office, also use significantly less radiation than traditional medical CT scanners, so our patients do not have to worry about being exposed to an excess amount of X-ray radiation. Learn more about our dental CAT scan technology in Oakdale, Minnesota, by calling our team today at 651-731-2141. Our dentist and team look forward to welcoming you to our office and will be glad to answer any questions you may have about our CT machines.