While we are fixing or improving your smile, we make sure you get the best appearance, but the feel and function of your restoration is our most important objective. Dr. Kevin Anderson and Dr. Richard Timm consider all of these aspects and factors when examining your smile, creating a treatment plan and performing services to help ensure that your smile is healthy, comfortable, functional and beautiful. An early step in this process is to establish a diagnostic model of your final smile. The diagnostic model provides us a three-dimensional roadmap, so our dentist can begin this process with your outcome already planned.

This model reveals your brand-new smile in its natural color and translucency. In addition, we see how your new smile will help any kind of bite conditions you might have.

Using the diagnostic model, you are able to preview your new smile, offer suggestions, help make improvements and approve your own personal “Smile Plan” before any services or procedures are actually performed. Not only is it possible to see the excellent level of quality in the aesthetic modifications to your new smile, the model helps ensure that the restorative work will function well when you talk or chew.

To learn more about how we use a diagnostic wax-up in Oakdale, Minnesota, to help you improve your smile, we invite you to contact our dentists and team today by call All Family Dental at 651-731-2141.