While we typically use magnification for most of our procedures at All Family Dental, sometimes there are things our professionals need to see in even greater detail. Our dental operating microscopes in Oakdale, Minnesota, aid Dr. Kevin Anderson and Dr. Richard Timm in treating difficult procedures where high magnification is required, allowing them to see with up to 30-times magnification.

This increased clarity gives them the power to perform treatments such as: root canals on teeth with complex anatomy or those requiring retreatment, some surgical procedures requiring higher magnification as well as restorations with small margins for error. They also illuminate and reveal details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Having this technology not only allows our dentist to be more precise with complex procedures, but often lets us perform many procedures without referring you to a specialist. By using this tool, our dentist can see small problems in the teeth, such as decay or damage. By catching these problems while they are small, our office can help keep them from turning into big ones.

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