For patients who dislike uncomfortable anesthetic injections or have trouble getting numb for dental procedures, come to All Family Dental so you can experience X-Tip™ anesthesia. Dr. Kevin Anderson and Dr. Richard Timm offer this painless injection system so you can feel as comfortable as possible when receiving dental care. Contact our dentist today if you want to learn more about X-Tip anesthesia in Oakdale, Minnesota.

When you undergo a dental procedure, you will want to feel as comfortable as possible, especially if it is a more extensive treatment like a root canal or a tooth extraction. However, some patients may suffer from problems with local anesthetics, such as painful injections, not feeling numb enough or having a numb tongue for several hours after the procedure. If you suffer from these problems, then come to our office for X-Tip anesthesia.

The X-Tip system injects local anesthetics intraosseously, meaning that it is put directly in the bone marrow. We use a specially designed perforator and sleeve that can reach down into the cortical bone structure surrounding your teeth. This not only has you numbed immediately and efficiently but will do so painlessly and without affecting your tongue. Call our dental team at 651-731-2141 if you want to learn more about the benefits of using X-Tip anesthesia for dental procedures.